Korona Csárda Hungarian Restaurant - 760 Boronia Rd. Wantirna VIC 03 9801 8887
Hours: Friday 6pm - 11pm | Saturday 6pm - 11pm | Sunday 12pm - 3pm

Welcome to the Korona Csárda authentic Hungarian restaurant

Opening hours: Saturdays 6-11pm, Sunday 12-3pm, Fridays opening hours might vary!

Please NOTE that Korona will be closed from 30th of June until 31st of August due to kitchen maintenance. In case you have an upcoming event, kindly make your bookings adjusted to this period. Usual opening hours return at the 30th of August

For bookings please call today: 9801 8887 or e-mail to koronarestaurant@gmail.com

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Hungarian Community Center, the Korona Csárda boasts the culinary expertise of top Hungarian chefs, preparing a range of authentic dishes. Our “all you can eat” buffet is the ideal place to immerse yourself in traditional Hungarian cuisine.

While the menu changes every week, our dishes often include the world famous Hungarian Goulash, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikás with egg dumpling (nokedli), a wide variety of schnitzels, Pork roasts, hearty Tokány (chicken or pork “ragout”) as well as some perennial favorites, floating islands (madár tej) and lacy crépes.


Call us now and book a table:  03 9801 8887